For a long time, in-person music lessons has been the way to go. We simply didn’t have the tools to bring the person-to-person interaction into the digital space. But the technological tools we have at our disposal now make the online learning of an instrument much more accessible – and often even preferable.

I got into online teaching when years ago students of mine moved away to Singapore. Despite the distance, they still wanted to continue lessons. So we tried connecting over Skype and went from there. At times, if it was raining outside, the connection would be choppy, but other than that, there was nothing really prohibitive about teaching or learning in this new setting.

That was a decade ago. Today there are so many more options. There are online platforms that connect teacher and student. There are multiple video chat applications with helpful features that facilitate a positive and beneficial learning experience. Online teaching will never be as good as a real person standing next to a student, but it comes pretty darn close. So close, in fact, that when I offered to actually switch from online teaching to in-person teaching with one of my students a couple months ago, he said he preferred it being online.

You might wonder why. I did. But there are reasons, both tangible and intangible, that make online learning enjoyable – even preferable – to in-person lessons.

  1. The experience is more relaxing. Both teacher and student are in the comfort of their own home or studio. It’s convenient for both to be able to, say, make a cup of tea in the morning, walk over to the computer, and begin a lesson. You don’t have to pick up around the house. You don’t have to make sure the dishes are clean.
  2. Scheduling is nearly always flexible. It is far easier to reschedule an online lesson than an in-person one, or to move a lesson a little later or earlier. There is no need to fight with traffic – either for teacher or student. Lessons can be scheduled early in the morning or late in the evening if the school day or work day doesn’t allow for any other time.
  3. Lessons are less expensive. Without needing to waste time driving from place to place or pay to rent a studio, I can pass my savings on to my students. I charge considerably less for online lessons than in-person ones.

Through PDF’s, links, downloads, and videos, the teaching experience can be powerful in an online setting, and the technology is getting better every day.

If you are interested in taking private or group online piano, guitar, ukulele or general music lessons, please contact me here.

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